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Mt. Rainier - Five Day Climb

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    5 days
    Level 2

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Mt. Rainier - Five Day Climb

Mt. Rainier - Five Day Climb

dollar sign Price / Deposit

$2,580 / $ 450

Meter Difficulty

Level 2

Clock Duration

5 days

Climber on cliff Type


After an introduction to mountaineering skills, climb to 10,000' on Mt. Rainier and spend two nights there to take advantage of the best window for a summit attempt of Mt. Rainier's classic route.

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Our Five Day Climb ascends Mt. Rainier's classic route while providing an additional day on the mountain to allow the flexibility to adjust the summit schedule to take advantage of the best window.


  • An afternoon orientation and one full day of mountaineering training to prepare for the climb.
  • Enjoy greater flexibility in the itinerary to make the summit attempt on one of two days to take advantage of the best climbing conditions.
  • Experience the classic Mt. Rainier climb, ascending 9,000' from its alpine meadows to its glacier-capped summit.
  • Climb with experienced RMI guides, benefiting from their background, training, and expertise; see why we continue to set the standard in guiding excellence.


The Five Day Climb gives climbers a more flexible itinerary on Mt. Rainier's classic route. The first two days prepare us for our climb with an afternoon orientation and a Mountaineering Day School, focusing on team building and training. We then ascend Mt. Rainier's lower slopes to Camp Muir (10,060'). Spending two nights in camp allows us the flexibility to climb during the best window for weather and conditions. An additional day on the mountain can also allow more time to practice basic mountaineering techniques. From Camp Muir, climbers ascend 4,400' to the summit crater before descending the same route. The duration of the climb depends on many variables, including snow conditions, the time of year, the route conditions, and the weather, but a typical summit push typically involves 10 – 12 hours of climbing round trip from Camp Muir.

This climb is ideal for first-time mountaineers and experienced climbers looking to take advantage of additional time on the mountain.


The Mountain Guides at RMI have forged an unrivaled reputation as the leading alpine guides in the United States. Integral to some of America’s earliest Himalayan explorations, our guides draw from years of expedition guiding and climbing worldwide, ensuring each program is led by consummate professionals with a wealth of experience.

Renowned for their leadership and character, our guides are celebrated teachers and trainers. They possess a rare blend of compassion, enthusiasm, and the capacity to empower others to obtain new heights. These are qualities that can only be found in those at the pinnacle of their profession. Despite their vast experience, RMI Guides remember their own humble beginnings in the mountains and take immense satisfaction in assisting other climbers to reach their goals.

Our unwavering commitment to meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled focus on individual climbers, and genuine enthusiasm for these adventures make for an unforgettable experience.


RMI is dedicated to providing the safest mountain experience. Our expert guides prioritize leading enjoyable and successful climbs while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Every climb involves thorough pre-trip planning, weather and avalanche forecasts, and meticulous attention to detail. Our guides are extensively trained in remote medicine and rescue techniques, and they carry comprehensive medical and rescue kits as well as radio communication equipment. Safety is always our top priority, no matter the destination or objective.

NPS Authorized ConcessionerAuthorized Concessioner

RMI Expeditions is an authorized concessioner of Mount Rainier National Park.

Address comments to:
Superintendent | Mount Rainier National Park
55210 238th Avenue East
Ashford, WA 98304

These services are operated in an area under jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of the Interior. No discrimination by segregation or other means in the furnishing of services or privileges on the basis of race, creed, color, ancestry, sex, age, disabling condition, or national origin is permitted in the use of this facility. Violation of this prohibition are punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both.



All our climbs in Mt. Rainier National Park are 100% carbon neutral. We have acquired offsets for greenhouse gas emissions through our partnership with Ostrom Climate, Canada's top carbon management solutions provider. Their carbon offset projects undergo rigorous verification by third parties to validate that emission reductions are genuine and permanent, ensuring that our contribution is making a tangible impact.

For Mt. Rainier, our primary carbon emissions stem from several sources: the electricity for our office, warehouse, and employee housing, all shuttle operations, commuting miles for office staff, stove fuel used on the seminars, and propane used at Camp Muir for cooking and melting water. These activities generate an estimated 15 tons of carbon annually. We participate in a "Green Power" program for all our electricity needs, which means our electricity comes from the wind farms in eastern Washington, which significantly reduces our emissions. Electricity is one of the biggest sources of emissions, and without the Green Power program, we estimate the annual amount of carbon emissions to be closer to 70 tons.

By supporting this project, we effectively prevent the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated from our operations from being emitted elsewhere. These offsets are instrumental in fulfilling our sustainability objectives and advancing responsible environmental practices.

Contact Us

As you prepare for your upcoming adventure, please feel free to contact our office and speak directly to one of our experienced guides regarding equipment, conditioning, the route, or any other questions about our programs. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (888) 89-CLIMB or [email protected].


Climber Reviews

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I was seriously impressed by all of the guides - Not just the ones who were part of my smaller group. They were all super knowledgeable, confident, happy, fit, and kind. None of them gave me any reason to doubt their leadership in any situation, and they took us through every situation with confidence and ease. If they were struggling with any decision or situation, they never showed it. They were all great!
Lindsay S.

the friendly nature of EVERYONE.
Randy W.

The people - The guides really make sure that this is more than just a climbing experience. You walk away feeling so capable, supported, and like you made new friends with both the guides and the people you are climbing with.
Holly K.

I truly felt safe and taken care of! Despite bad weather conditions that impacted our summit attempt, I felt very accomplished and challenged in a great learning environment.
Eleanor P.

I always felt safe with our guides despite the very bad weather conditions. They showed great leadership throughout the climb and I'll never forget when James told me "don't worry, I got you Alfadi!" when I was skeptical about my footing in times on the steep areas.
Alfadi A.

I enjoyed everything about the trip. It was fun getting to climb with my friends and to meet new friends on the trip. It's also always majestic to be outside up on the Mountain.
Brian T.

I enjoyed meeting the guides, and other hikers and the scenery
Ashley H.

Outside of the climb, the guides really made the trip.
Lindsay G.

it was an epic adventure. Even though the weather eventually turned us around, the whole experience was incredible. I liked being high up on the mountain and just experiencing the majesty of it all. All the RMI people I encountered were great.
Robert D.

It was a fanatastic adventure and loved pushing myself (safely) to the limits
Kirk M.

I loved the camaraderie of the team which was definitely fostered by the guides getting to know everyone. I also liked when the guides shared what their concerns were about the ladder and possible solutions.
David P.

Guides were very knowledgeable and fun to interact with.
Stephen K.

I appreciated the guides’ clear communication and honesty. I really enjoyed getting to know my team and the guides.
Brandy B.

The guides, the park, the experience
Robert B.

Too many highlights!! What I enjoyed about the trip was the perfect weather window that allowed us to fully appreciate the breathtaking beauty of our surroundings and successfully summit. Additionally, the ease of traveling around base camp made the overall experience comfortable and enjoyable (especially with rentals). One of the standout aspects was RMI's ability to take the guesswork out of planning and logistics, allowing us to focus solely on the experience itself. Lastly, our guides played an integral role, providing not only expert knowledge, but also fostering a supportive and engaging atmosphere throughout the journey.
Anastasia M.

Hiking with Dave, company of Dustin and Evan. The overall experience was remarkable.
Nisanth V.

Great communication about objectives and training
Matt C.

The comradery with the group was great and the thorough explanations of what we were about to do and why.
Jeffrey M.

I cannot say enough about the guides, and how they really were there not just to lead the way, but to foster strong team relationships and show a genuine interest in the climbers. I felt like they were there to help me gain more skills and knowledge on the mountain.
Micah F.

I most enjoyed the mountaineering equipment and technique education, which was the newest part of the experience for me. I'd recommend RMI for those seeking a more accomplishment-oriented, athletic experience on even more extreme summits. I wouldn't recommend this specific experience for those seeking comprehensive training experience and preparation for independent adventure with opportunity to really "feel" the mountain. For that reason, I might consider something like the "expedition skills" seminars.
Eric J.

I liked sitting in Ingraham Flats on the first break with our whole team in the sun with a beautiful view and feeling like a mountaineer again.
Michael B.

Professionalism of guides, safety, knowledge of the mountain, engagement of the guides was excellent
Carl B.

The interaction with the guides, the clear communication about expectations and route, learning new skills, camaraderie with the group, and of course making it to the top!!!
Mark R.

It's funny, what I ended up enjoying most was the mountaineering school. The hike to the training spot was gorgeous, the pace was moderate, and it was fun learning and practicing mountaineering skills.
Chuck R.

The RMI Expedition, Inc. team leadership and organization of the climb. That's what I call exemplary leadership and performance.
Troy S.

The quality of humans you all employ is top-notch! I felt supported the entire way. This trip was life-changing.
Alison A.

The comradery and being amongst a group of people trying to accomplish a difficult goal.
Bo R.

Lots of communication to manage expectations and help us know what's next.
Arlo N.

I enjoyed so many things: the amazing guides that make RMI shine, the fact that we got lucky with the weather and a great group of teammates, and that this has changed my life and will change my life in ways I can’t even fathom right now. It was profound.
Maria T.

10/10 would recommend. I had such an absolutely incredible experience and it is one I will never forget. I am so grateful to RMI and especially to my guides Jess, Sam, and Will who all played such an important role for me in this climb. Thank you!
Aislinn W.

Abby and Bailey were fantastic. Nothing else to add beyond what I said about them.
Heath D.

Reaching the summit safely! Also top notch accommodations either with Whitaker rentals or at Camp Muir. We saw others operating with less and we were glad that we had RMI.
Eric S.

Top notch guide service. Had an amazing time that was only possible with the excellent professionalism of your Guides. They kept us safe and made excellent decisions throughout the experience that ensured our safety and success. Can't recommend enough!
John B.

The guides were awesome and the mountain was amazing.
Krish B.

The team did a great job making us feel heard and helping us. Tatum actually bandaged both my heal blisters and did it in a way that allowed me to complete the climb. Tatum constantly asked for feedback and adapted accordingly. Her emotional intelligence is of the charts!
Sean C.

The RMI guides made all the difference
Clay H.

The guides were all great people to hang around, and very smart when it came to the mountain. I loved seeing the sunrise from the mountain, and finally getting to step on to the summit after a long morning, but even if I didn't make it to the top, just hanging out with the team and the guides was still worth it.
Jeremy P.

the camaraderie on the mountain, being able to enjoy and level my skills in the mountains safely. a warm bed, and water readily available, perfect weather on the mountain --> truly a luxury experience
Yuancheng Z.

The camaraderie, feeling a part of a team. Snow school was helpful. So glad we summited on day 4 and had a leisure descent on day 5. But my favorite thing: glissading down the snow fields from Camp Muir
Andrew S.

The guides were extremely knowledgeable and encouraging.
Jenna C.

The views and the process
Dhruvraj P.

The knowledge and familiarity with mountaineering that I gained.
Andrew P.

The climb! The tram was positive, safe and entertaining. I felt comfortable the whole time.
Elizabeth Paige D.

I enjoyed meeting and talking to with people and putting myself to the test.
Jacob M.

I know it sounds obvious but I enjoyed summiting Mount Rainier the most. I've never climbed anything over 4,000 feet before. Having RMI's expertise enabled me to blow that record out of the water.
Philip K.

I loved seeing the red sunrise after we reached the top of Disappointment Cleaver, and how beautiful and serene the upper mountain was after that.
Wesley M.

THE SUMMIT. But in all seriousness, some of the little moments when climbing, meeting these amazing people, and the feeling of reaching the top are things I will never forget.
Caleb S.

Sunrise just shy of the crater. Wow!
Joseph M.

The guides were great. Dave Hahn especially was always engaging and full of tips, tricks, and interesting stories.
Dave K.

Climbing the mountain w a great team.
Chelsea H.

The whole trip was amazing.
Jeffrey H.

The climb! Met some great people, great future contacts. Also was an experience I will never forget.
Brian R.

Learning from the guides and working with other climbers
Morgan P.

Honestly, I wouldn't change much if I were RMI!! It was noted that the bunkhouse could have been a little more dry and the sleeping pads a little softer, but I think that it may be just as well that they're kept as-is. Such conditions act to toughen up climbers for future climbs where conditions might be even less hospitable. I think a few climbers failed to see that having a bunkhouse at all is a major advantage.
Justin R.

This was a great experience. I am totally joining RMI for future adventures.
Biaggo C.

Excellent guides.
Darius F.

It was super challenging and I learned some great skills during the school day.
Jessica S.

Since we didn’t get to attempt the summit, the glacier climb and ice climb were my favorite parts. Appreciated the team improvising for us so we had something to do.
Jane D.

The challenge itself was the most joyful (and painful) part of the trip. I learned that descending might be harder than ascending! I'm looking forward to attempt #2 of summiting Rainier in a year or two.
Tom N.

Ice axe climbing in a crevasse, and the sunsets
Oliver C.

Incredibly hard to narrow down to one thing as it was all so good, but watching the sunrise on the final day and getting to do some ice climbing in a crevasse was awesome.
Chloe C.

Being higher than I have ever been before, above the clouds. That I was a beginner and everyone was helpful teaching me and not annoyed.
Marc P.

The whole experience at Camp Muir, from the company and the weather was fantastic,
Michael S.

Safely making it to the summit of Mt Ranier! Of course the team that did it together was a huge part of that experience - our guides were exceptional and the team came together well.
Matthew H.

Great program. Although I did not summit (and was super disappointed by this), I will definitely look to RMI for my next experience, be it another attempt at Mt. Rainier or a trek of some sort!.
Jay P.

I loved all the new skills I gained in mountaineering, the quietness of the mountain on the summit day, and getting to be with an amazing team!
Kalaina S.

The guides were great! Not a weak link and felt comfortable the whole time. The discipline exercised was absolutely amazing, and the timing and precision was completely unexpected (in a good way). We were 14 minutes early based on our expected timeline, I just can't believe that considering what we were doing. It was a great experience and it felt very rewarding that all the training and hard work resulted in a successful summit. Luck clearly plays a huge role in whether you can hit the summit, but I feel like the guides absolutely gave us the highest probability of doing so, and attempting summit on the first night was clearly a wise decision.
Adam V.

The sense of adventure, learning and pushing the limits of what I thought I was capable of. The guides made all this possible for our team and we will always remember this!
Anthony S.

Extremely knowledgable, experienced, and professional guides that knew how to keep me safe while pushing me to achieve more than I could have on my own.
Alexander B.

This was a fantastic experience. The preparation of RMI and our guides allowed us to make a summit during difficult weather conditions where we were truly pushed to our limits. This would not have been possible without amazing preparation. We could not have been happier with our experience .
Hayley I.

The fact that we got to summit during a pretty tricky weather pattern spoke to the level of preparation and leadership the RMI team provides. I also really appreciated the obvious care for the health of the mountain and nature during the trip
Ben F.

Once we arrived everything was well organized and great.
Nimit P.

The guides make the experience. Anyone could go for a walk in the Park but the guides are what make RMI. Every guide I have worked with has been incredible. I somehow missed the evaluation form for my Emmons trip in June, so just want to say quickly that Steve, Ben and Lauren are all also amazing guides and would 10/10 recommend them. The office staff has also been super helpful.
Thomas M.

The gorgeous environment, the skillful and charming guides, the bonding between the clients, and the emphasis on working as a team in the safest, most efficient manner to achieve our goals.
Howard L.

The guides were able to put all my concerns to rest with their leadership and confidence!
Edward S.

The guides and their professionalism was off the charts. They were very patient and answered all questions.
Tristin L.

Comradery, beautiful views, and amazing to see these crevasses up close. Crossing on a ladder was really a cool experience.
Matt C.

This trip exceeded my expectations in every way.
Conner K.

Reaching the summit and the comradery between not only the other climbers, but also with Joe & Brian.
Cheyenne A.

Good guides, safety as a priority, emphasis on what is important for the mountain and following through with it (like keeping an efficient walking pace for the climb). Felt taken care of with hot and clean water provided regularly and guides communicating with us.
Scott S.

Everything was awesome, right from the time when we first saw our guide in orientation until the time we reached back to the base camp. Stay at bunkhouse something that would be long etched in the memories.
Sushil K.

The team environment was fantastic! I felt super satisfied even though I did not summit this time.
Ranjani V.

Summiting, interaction with the rest of the climbers and guides. Learning mountaineering skills.
Kathleen C.

I enjoyed the entire experience including my own fitness training, the mountaineering training, and of course reaching the summit. My only disappointment was not being able to cross the crater to the registry.
Brian U.

The guides. Very fun people to be around and I never felt like I was in any unmanageable danger. I trusted the on what risks were acceptable and when we needed to take action to mitigate larger risks.
Lucas C.

We were able to experience many of the technical aspects of mountaineering.
Steve B.

Loved the challenge and making new friends. This was my first attempt at a volcano and I was intimidated. It was truly a team effort and an incredible payoff for all the effort. Learned new skills, pushed myself, and enjoyed amazing weather in my favorite place!
Renee S.

The wonderful mountain experience
Kevin M.

The other people on the trip, every single one was knowledgeable, hardworking, and competent. Also sliding down the snowfield was easily the most fun single activity!
Levi D.

The trip was well planned and communication both before and during the trip was excellent. The RMI basecamp area is superb; I have taken trips with other guide services which just don't compare very well. I also enjoyed the trip to Ingraham Flats to practice ice climbing
Jeff W.

The guides made the trip. I would request Brent, Joey, and Josh if I were to do it again (and I will conquer Rainier!). I also liked knowing that RMI is a well established, safety conscious company, who is well respected in the community and on the mountain. The office staff was also very helpful whenever I called.
Kathryn S.

I was highly impressed by the skill, knowledge, and professionalism of our three guides (Abby, Casey, and Jackson). The entire time I spent with them I felt them to be in total control of the adventure. Their decisions were based on evidence and experience and were well thought out and reasoned. They put safety first and foremost but always worked extremely hard to keep the trip enjoyable for our team. They displayed patience with my lack of skill and took every opportunity to teach without ever demeaning or embarrassing me. Their attention to detail is impeccable and even with the level of effort required to stay that focused, they kept friendly dispositions and never seemed fatigued or stressed. Truly exemplary human beings. Thank you for the great experience.
Mark J.

Everything. I loved the experience on the mountain. I couldn't have asked for a better group of guides. and RMI delivered as expected in terms of providing education to enable a good experience and a clear focus on safety during the entire trip.
Philip W.

I enjoyed the camaraderie with the guides and other climbers.
Joe M.

I enjoyed how much I learned on the trip. It was a trip of a lifetime, but also opened doors to new future experiences..
Jennifer H.

RMI was great, but the weather was just amazing. We had a full mountaineering experience in the trek to Camp Muir with winds, sleet, and rain followed by perfect weather the rest of the trip. Weather and the successful summit aside, I really enjoyed learning so much about mountaineering. The guides were all willing to chat about their profession and give input. The crevasse belay was also a lot of fun (even if my crappy harness hurt like hell).
Robert B.

I understand more about proper layers than ever before. I've done several mountaineering trips and have logged plenty of backpacking miles on my own, yet I walked away with so much more knowledge spending time with the RMI team. Even if we did not summit, I would have been happy with what we did accomplish.
John L.

All of the guides were awesome and I felt very comfortable relying upon them to make the safety judgements.
Alex P.

The guides were excellent. I felt the pace was too slow for me, but I appreciated their patience in sticking to it for the benefit of others.
Daniel G.

I enjoyed that we made it to the summit! I also thoroughly enjoyed the training. That was my first experience getting formal training and I just ate it up. I want to keep learning more and get better so I can do a more challenging climb with you all!
Jeff S.

Excellent management
John U.

The climb. Man that was an amazing experience led by amazing guides.
Ryan L.

It's hard to just choose one thing, but it felt so special to be the first group to be able to top out. I feel so fortunate to have been lucky enough to have the right conditions for a summit bid and the most wonderful guides to get us up there.
David E.

The weather we experienced at Camp Muir and during the descent was epic... will not be forgotten... ever. lol
Michael G.

The descend of the mountain. The group bonded over the chaos we were enduring and looking out for one another and helping each other to move forward.
Elizabeth F.

Meeting so many amazing and unique people. Hearing the stories of other’s experiences in the mountains and climbing, and completing a challenging feat with other like-minded individuals. Also the views were sick
Christopher L.

The comradely. It was a great group of people. We didn’t want to leave.
Nina H.

the people, both the guides and fellow climbers made this experience and incredible one
Michael S.

I personally loved experiencing the mountain in it's almost winter pristineness........low numbers of people on the mountain made for a fabulous trip. Summitting would have been a bonus but not essential in the early season.
John Q.

Friendly and knowledgeable guides. Time spent on mountain, views (when available).
Luke S.

The easy going, friendly, knowledgeable guides. Provided assistance as needed and seemed interested in clients issues.
Tom R.

You guys are such absolute professionals I really can’t think of any feedback to give you. Your people are amazing and the program was extremely well put together. Even in moments when you had to pivot you still handled things extremely well. My helmet’s off to you!!
Mack W.

Learning. I have climbed many 14ers in Colorado but never been on a Glacier. This was a great experience and opportunity to learn new techniques. I enjoyed the group we were with and the guides. They did everything they could to make our trip a positive experience.
Mike P.

Getting to see the mountain up close was fantastic, but interacting with the guides was the best. I loved hearing their experiences and advice! I also want to call out Emma and Dan who walked me down from Camp Muir. These two are good people! Appreciate them!
Stephen H.

I have engaged in high adventure with many companies. RMI was unsurpassed in all aspects of my experience. I will definitely use them again in the future for my next High Mountain adventure!
Charles H.

The time on the mountain was amazing. The staff and program overall were great to work with and I liked the way everything was structured.
Robert F.

I just really felt like I was in the hands of the best of the best, from start to finish. You all do a great job of inspiring loyalty, because we'll definitely be back with RMI next time! Also I really appreciated our guides putting in the effort to rappel us down into the crevasse on Day 4. I don't know if that's a normal activity or if, sensing that we probably wouldn't be able to summit the next day, they arranged that specially for us, but it was very cool and I'm grateful they put forth that extra effort for us.
Kat N.

RMI did a great job in every phase - communication pre-trip and during trip, logistics, safety, climbing instruction and mountain expertise, and overall customer care. I was also surprised and grateful that your rental and retail prices are reasonable given your almost monopoly on local climbing gear.
Garry M.

Learning from and interacting with the guides. Learned lots of good skills at mountain school. Building rapport with our team
Justin W.

Just being on the mountain. The guides gave it the perfect amount of structure while allowing it to be the life-changing, once-in-a-lifetime individual experience for each of us.
Andrew L.

It is hard to pick just one thing. I really enjoyed everything. I love how Jack, Andy, and Leif got to know everyone and helped us learn more about aspects of climbing we were interested in. I also enjoyed their teaching style; they were kind in any corrections they had to make and I personally felt like I could achieve what they were asking. They truly made the trek to and from the summit possible.
Alyssa J.

From start to finish this was an adventure of a lifetime. The guides were first rate, and great people to be around.The focus on safety while keeping it fun was greatly appreciated. We also had a unique set of climbers who came together and bonded quickly, almost like a family that was all on the same page, helping out and encouraging each other. The weather was in our favor, which added to the great experience, I would join another RMI climb in a heartbeat.
Neil S.

The team, honestly we bonded so well with the other team members and the guides. I felt so comfortable with everyone right away and felt that was a huge asset to getting us up and down the mountain. Life is more fun when you're laughing!
Hannah H.

The best part of this experience was getting to work with knowledgable, patient and encouraging guides who are committed to safety, environmental stewardship, and fun!
Andrea L.

The teamwork! Such a lovely group of guides and guests!
Maria M.

Gaining experience with equipment that was new to me: ice axe, crampons, rope. Both on the training day and on our brief summit attempt.
David I.

Meeting some great new friends and learning more about different mountaineering safety techniques and skills.
Aislinn E.

All of it! Truly though, the guides were top notch and we'd be thrilled to climb with all 3 of them again. I think they were what really made the trip stand out. They really helped bring all of us strangers together and form a team like atmosphere. It felt like a cold version of summer camp :) Each night, the 3 of them would brief us on what to expect and layering recommendations for clothing. It helped me to sleep well because I felt prepared to tackle the next day.
Alison S.

Learning about mountaineering and just being on the mountain (when the weather cooperated)
Dustin W.

I have climbed with alpine ascents before, and RMIs snow school is more informative and the guides took extra case with each student to really ensure they knew what they were doing and felt comfortable. I was very impressed with the program and will be climbing with you again.
Jamie D.

The professionalism of the guides
Lawrence S.

The guides made it so fun... they answered all of our questions and told us interesting things about the environment and stories from their fascinating experiences. They were truly the highlight of the trip. Also, they contributed to making the energy of the group very positive and easy-going despite the bad weather. Of course the mountain itself was staggeringly beautiful too.
Lilly S.

My hope for this trip was to gain exposure & foundational skills into mountaineering, as well as experimenting with my mental & physical capabilities. Having minimal knowledge of the sport, I felt more than adequately prepared for what was ahead. Attempting this trip on my own, I have great appreciation for the environment the guides facilitated & the team as a whole. It was particularly special having the entire team summit together. I received more than I imagined during this trip.
Rachel W.

Event was we planned or organized with good communication throughout. Outstanding job by the guides in preparing the team and getting the entire team to the summit and down safely. Overall experience was excellent.
Philip P.

The scenery was fantastic and the fresh mountain air is fantastic. It's like a different world up there and it was so nice to leave the emails and all the business behind. I really enjoyed that part of it. I also really enjoyed interacting with old friends and making new friends. Dave Hanh is also a great storyteller. Overall RMI exceeded my expectations.
Adam K.

I really enjoyed the company of all the new friends I have made. Guides are awesome and exceptionally good.
Padat S.

The climb itself and the guides - the climb was fun and even though we didn't summit was something I hadn't seen or experienced before. The guides gave me confidence and assurance through their experience that, as a beginner, I was in good hands.
Daniel D.

The guides really were what made this trip an amazing experience. They were extremely knowledgeable, friendly, well trained and kept things running smoothly. The leadership they provided allowed us to focus on the experience and enjoy this beautiful mountain! Thanks Dave, JM, Matias and Ben!
Jason C.

I really liked going up through the crevasses on the Ingrahm Direct route while the sun was just starting to come out yesterday. It was an experience I hope to remember vividly for a long time.
Joshua M.

The positivity was very helpful and encouraging. It gave the team an awesome dynamic that led to an awesome experience even though we didn't summit.
Geoffry G.

Guides were very informative and open to answering all the questions we had.
Ryan S.

I appreciated the professionalism the entire team exhibited as well as the vast knowledge they provided to us as inexperienced climbers.
Chad M.

The people, the mountains and the guides
Justin M.

I was happy with camaraderie between all the participants and lot of that comes from how the guides interact with the participants
Satyanarayana C.

The training was really great for someone who had never done this before. I also appreciated the focus on safety by the guides. I always felt like our guides had our best interests in mind. The views were amazing as well.
Ryan L.

I enjoyed the whole experience. The way the sun hit the snow during sunrise and decent took my breath away. The guides experience and skill really allowed me to enjoy the dangerous portions of the climb.
Michael R.

Fourth trip with RMI. I am continually impressed with the high quality of the guides, the planning, and the execution of their trips. Already signed up for my fifth trip!!
Tim C.

Seeing the upper parts of the mountain, especially above Disappointment Cleaver, felt otherworldly. Also, the guides were awesome and professional, all of them. I really felt they were experts on the mountain and knew exactly what to do in all situations.
Patrick J.

The climb itself and everything I learned from the guides. I can now say I've done a real mountaineering trip.
Steven N.

I enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know our guides, they would check up on each one of us and made sure we were taking care of ourselves.
Tammy W.

The written materials provided were good in preparing me for what was needed in terms of gear/equipment and physical training necessary to make the summit.
David H.

The guides created an environment which allowed the team to bond. The result of our bonding was that we had a collective goal: to work together, encourage one-another, have patience, and attempt to summit. Although we each wanted to make it to the top, we also wanted each other to have a good experience and we wanted to celebrate our accomplishment as a group, not as individuals. For me, this was such an important part of the role that the guides played for this experience. They really helped to make this more than just my experience. It was our experience.
Leah R.

Personally, Cal gave me a lot of support and went out of his way when I started struggling close to the top that certainly made and impression about his commitment to his job and passion for mountain guiding. I will never forget that. The whole team Jess Cal and Ross. All outstanding people couldn't have asked for better people to share this experience with besides the crew which was awesome. very satisfied with the RMI experience and the guide talent retained by the brand. Looking forward to do more with you guys. "
Carlos R.

I enjoyed meeting the new people and experiencing the climb with them.
Joe K.

Four challenging days on Mt. Rainer were memorable and made for excellent training.
David D.

Knowing I could completely rely on RMI to get me to where I needed to be and the training RMI provided to give me the best chance to do the climb.
Charles R.

Our 3 guides made the overall experience what it was and I cannot imagine having experienced the time with anyone else. From start to finish, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend RMI to anyone looking for a top notch company and best chance at a summit.
Parker K.

I enjoyed meeting the whole group in my climb. The guides and the group were all class act folks and I couldn't have hand picked a better team to conquer Rainier with. I loved every aspect of the experience, minus the climb down (lol).
Mark H.

Learning how to safely walk on the mountain and although we walked together the whole way up, I did not feel crowded out and got to enjoy the mountains isolation as well.
Andrew J.

I enjoyed meeting and climbing with other people and challenging myself to climb Mt.Rainier.
Stephen L.

This was my first climb and it pushed my limits to new levels. I want to climb another one!
John H.

The guides were top-notch. They were able to combine safety and fun and clearly knew their skills and the mountain, even in the most adverse weather conditions.
Natasha S.

Great team camaraderie, views, and variety of terrain and weather!
David R.

It's impossible to pick just one thing! The mountain was stunning, the guides were a delight, and the hike was fantastic.
Gabrielle M.

The guides
Raaj R.

The mountain experience, glacier travel, summit! The group that we went with was fun to interact with, everyone was very nice.
Joe P.

Have done several climbs, the highlight of this one was the group that I brought and how it was truly a group experience.
Paul B.

As I said above, your company not on met my expectations, it exceeded them. I've already bragged about your guides to many of my family and friends back home. I'll be keeping RMI in mind when I look to take any big adventures in the future!
Justin J.

Guides and service exceptional, all staff responsive and knowledgeable, safety focused. Whittaker village terrific, coffee/icecream shop and bar & grill all great!! Climb experience was made fun by our guides while also terrific instruction and encouragement.
Zachary F.

Being able to look up at the stars the night of the summit climb.
Michael P.

I loved how well laid-out everything was. All I had to do was focus on training my body and you guys took care of everything else.
Grant W.

Making the summit with such an amazing climbing team and the guides at RMI. My wife and I would be blessed if our boys grew up to be just like our guides - Bryan, Dustin and Chad. Such honorable men!
Scott S.

I really enjoyed the professionalism of the guides and the total experience. For those that did not summit, it was still great training and an opportunity to enjoy the higher elevation where few dare to go.
Raymond R.

The guides. Completely impressive and strong. They are 100% the reason we made it to the top.
Chad Q.

The whole experience. Although conditions didn’t allow us to make the summit the guides still kept us learning and entertained with great life stories.
Mike L.

Everything! The organization was easy thanks to RMI, transportation (once in Ashford) was easy too. Of course, sumiting the mountain was a major highlight. Spending time with and learning from the guides was also very enjoyable.
William M.

Rainier was the biggest physical challenge I have had in my life. The RMI guides and my climbing partners were a dream come true. I really enjoyed the people. The mountain can hold it own and was breathtaking....but wouldn't have been the same with a different set of guides and climbing partners.
Brian J.

The journey really was as good as the destination (summit). Also made some great friends.
Jon C.

Reaching our goal. For me, the goal was to make it to Camp Muir 7 weeks after hip replacement surgery. With the encouragement and understanding of the guides I was able to do this and be with my son who continued on to the summit - which he called the best experience of his life.
Kevin C.

What else can I say, I have climbed with RMI by myself, with my oldest son, with my middle daughter, and now my youngest son; 2012, 2014, 2016, and now 2018 respectfully. EXCELLENT COMPANY ......... WITH THE BEST EMPLOYEES!
John B.

The relationships I was able to create and enjoy, with both my team and guides. The summit, the climb itself, and the new and exciting experiences.
Kelsey H.

I liked how there was a day dedicated to learning the basic skills of climbing. As someone that has never mountain climbed before, I found this day to be extremely valuable once the climb was underway. I enjoyed the five day climb as it gave me the extra time needed to acclimate.
Colin L.

Life changing experience for me. I had a limited time to make a decision. I stopped believing in myself and Andy showed me who I really am. Not a quitter.
Darin B.

Loved it! Thank you! All of the people from those in the retail shop, the rental shop, the shuttle driver, the food servers, those that worked in the Whittaker Bunkhouse were all awesome! What a great bunch of people!
Scott I.

Certainly, experiencing the summit was great, but I think the camaraderie of the trip (the sharing the foxhole experience) is probably what I will remember the most. I will likely never see anyone from the trip again, but what we shared something pretty special.
Walt C.

I enjoyed bonding with the entire team...our guides & the rest of us. We had great chemistry from the beginning and it felt like we were climbing with family. Hanging out in a crevasse was pretty cool as well!
Keith G.

Experiencing the alpine ascent, seeing the sunrise and most especially summiting with great people.
Carl L.

Obviously I came to climb Mt. Rainier, but the absolute best part was the people. The guides are not only great leaders and instructors , but wonderful people, who always have a smile, even at 1 am in the cold and dark. This was my second Rainier RMI experience and certainly won’t be my last. In a large part due to the fantastic overall experience, I’m excited to try new and bigger climbs with RMI.
Andrew B.

These three RMI guides together were fantastic! I was very impressed and feel extremely lucky to have had them for the Rainier Tour!
Ruth M.

The absolute professionalism and friendliness of the incredibly dedicated guide team each with their own unique personalities. That was on top of it being the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my life.
Wells H.

The whole experience is great. I particularly enjoyed the team and the guides. This was my second trip to Rainier with RMI and I have nothing but good things to say about it. They definitely care about the environment and climber safety. The guides are experienced and professional. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better trip.
Gregory O.

Other than summiting- Skills Day. It was very informative and appropriately in depth. Also, a great way to get to know the team.
Barclay S.

The guides were fantastic, highly skilled and competent, and charming.
Greg W.

The mountain was incredible, the guides were awesome and very knowledgable, the glacading was great, I learned a lot.
Kathleen B.

Doing something so special with my daughter and of course being the king of glissading on the return down the mountain.
Michael D.

The whole experience was amazing. I really enjoyed the challeng and getting to know the guides.
John F.

The extremely accomplished climbers who served as our guides. Incredible people, who were absorbed in serving us climbers and never showing any hint of egoism. Everyone I dealt with at RMI was excellent, and that is a major achievement for any organization.
Ronald P.

I truly enjoyed the staff. They were all so helpful, nice, understanding, informative, and knowledgable. I loved all the guides I came in contact with that it made my experience truly amazing and worth remembering.
Joshua M.

The guides were awesome - Mike, Gloria, Alex. Our entire group was awesome!
Vouth V.

The guides,the guides, the guides. Their knowledge, professionalism, personalities and above all their work ethic was unbelievably awesome and greatly appreciated.
Thomas D.

I enjoyed being able to get to know my guides and fellow climbers. It was really cool to be able to summit with both my father and brother. Seeing them excited and happy was the best. The guides made this happen and they were fantastic. I enjoyed just spending time with some quality people coming together to achieve a goal. The team was rad and I learned a lot.
Maxwell W.

Success to the summit. Meeting and getting to know a little about guides plus other climbers.
Jack W.

Everything went very well and the guides were great!
Daniel O.

What I enjoyed about the trip was getting to know the team members and the guides. I thought what we jelled quite well in the short time we spent together.
Brian M.

Had the time of my life.
Michael B.

Aside from the amazing scenery, I most enjoyed our leaders. Easy to talk to and very professional, I felt very comfortable completely relying on their judgement in challenging circumstances.
Don T.

I have wanted to climb Mt. Rainier for almost a decade and the dream became a reality. Having the guides made the trip more enjoyable knowing that I was making the trip the safest way possible.
Chad M.

Thank you for the once in a lifetime experience. Will never forget this.
Brent B.

I have no more superlatives left to decribe how much I liked this trip, the GUIDES and the team. Outstanding job, RMI.
Sastry D.

Beautiful mountain beautiful people
Tracy W.

First, the opportunity to be on Mount Rainier - above and beyond Paradise.Second, the guide staff. They were great and really made me feel comfortable and confident as I experienced my first glaciated climb.Third, the rest of the team - everyone got along well, worked together and mirrored the positive attitudes of the guides.
Jay M.

All 3 of our guides were fantastic. They were extremely personable, knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable being guided by them the entire trip. They also made the trip fun!
Natasha S.

The guides are very welcoming, knowledgeable and answered any questions I (we) had. They were very willing to share their knowledge and expertise. I also enjoyed the camaraderie between the climbers, and between the climbers and guides. I was the only female in the group (of climbers) and not once did I feel left out. I very much felt like I was part of the group - one of the guys.
Aileen C.

"Epic experience. Felt in amazing hands the entire time. Hard to pick a best part. Our guides were amazing. The trek was unforgettable. Listening to Dave Hahn stories was the icing on the cake. Oh and sliding on our butts down from Muir was so so fun. "
Mike W.

I cannot emphasize enough how well prepared and knowledgeable our three guides (Andy, Hannah, and Joe) were. This trip was something out of my comfort zone, and our guides did everything in their power to make it a wonderful trip. I will definitely suggest RMI to friends and advise them to try and have Andy or Hannah as a guide in particular!
Matt M.

RMI provided a great trip. The guides and services at Base Camp only increased my interest further in mountaineering. I will definitely be recommending this trip to others and hope to go on more trips with RMI in the future.
Chris L.

Although the weather was on the extreme side, it was a fun experience for me that I will not forget. All of the guides were professional and seemed to enjoy their work.
John R.

It was an awesome trip and definitely a memorable climb of my life. It was my first ever alpine climb, and you guys made it super fun and safe. I liked the talks in the basecamp. These talks analyzed weather, terrains in great details, which made us all understand what was our situation, what was the plans after, and most importantly, why these plans were made in this certain specific way. Another highlight was the tutorials on different knots for rope while we were stuck in the basecamp during the horrible weather. Our guides didn't need to do these, but they offered us the best knowledge and moment as they could.
Jianchen T.

I enjoyed everything, from the RMI organization, to the climb itself and the interaction with the guides. It was everything I was expecting, and much more! You guys are top notch services.
Patrick A.

The knowledge, experience, and patience of the guides. Training day/snow school was a perfect introduction to mountaineering. I loved that the guides encouraged those of us who were not feeling confident about the summit attempt due to a lack physical conditioning to still attempt (within limits of course) and get as far as we could. Overall, for someone who has had zero exposure to the climbing culture and only has experience with day hiking, I was able to be prepared and enjoy the trip.
Sonali M.

Overall, it was excellent.
Randy B.

I've already recommended RMI to at least a dozen people. You couldn't have made the experience easier and more organized.
Robert C.

A thank you to everyone involved at RMI and Whittaker. A big thank you to Peter Whittaker for showing up and serving us some beer at base camp on Sunday- I thought that showed a massive amount of class.
Benedict R.

I most enjoyed the experience with the guides. I have been on guided trips before, but felt the RMI guides were a cut above. I felt more at ease, and less of an outsider in the mountain world with them. I really feel like a part of the incredible mountaineering community now.
Peter T.

I will never forget this trip!! Everyone on my team was friendly and easy to talk to - we all seemed eager to learn and enthusiastic about the journey on the mountain. Though it was extremely difficult and I completely underestimated the mountain, I learned a lot about myself and what it means to really persevere through physically and mentally challenging feats. In addition, I can't thank the guides enough for their incredible leadership. I owe them a huge amount of respect!!
Mary Jo P.

Awesome experience. Already recommend the program to a friend getting stationed in Washington. Planning my next trip already with RMI.
William C.

The Trip was great. Hanging out on the mountain with all of the whistle pig teammates was a pleasure. The RMI Guides are fantastic, they helped out in every way possible, encouraged us to push ourselves to the limits (Joe, thanks for the direct encouragement to the summit), but always kept and eye out for health and safety. They deserve a big High Five. Thanks to all Teammates, Guides, and all the rest of the RMI staff that made the trip great.
Paul B.

I met a lot of great people in our group and built relationships based on our common goals, anxieties, and willingness to each other with encouragement or support. The guides were incredible: engaged, professional, safe, positive and encouraging.
Brian B.

In my opinion the trip was executed flawlessly. We were afforded the best opportunity we could to summit and we did. I can't wait to come back.
Anthony E.

I loved it all. I felt safe and secure throughout the entire trip. I really loved the fact that nothing was unexpected, except for the beautiful night sky we were able to see, luckily.
Patricia C.

By far the best part of the trip was the guides and the group that was cultivated by them. Not only did the guides show concern and make safety a priority, but they also went out of their way to get to know each of us, show care and concern for us as people, and help make the whole trip as smooth as possible. Solveig, Gloria and Blake were phenomenal -- professional and personable -- getting us to the summit and back down in a safe and enjoyable way!
Katie M.

RMI is a well run organization. I have used RMI for both of my Mt. Rainier climbs and have had nothing but good things to say. I stayed at the Bunkhouse and it was very nice. The restaurant was very good as well. There really is no need to leave Ashford. If I decide to attempt to climb more mountains through a guide service, I will definitely be using RMI.
Kevin K.

Two things. First, getting to know my guides and team. They were all wonderful and the group meshed very well. Second, the climbing. Our guides did a great job of taking care of all of the logistics and safety details so we could focus on enjoying the climb.
Timothy M.

The overall experience was the best I can imagine. It will be remembered the rest of my life!
Jerry K.

Climbing up the mountain through the ice and snow.
Edward S.

Trip was life changing! Guides were excellent. I did not in all honesty think I'd make it to the summit but I did!
Dave A.

Have been through the one day mountaineering training and it is great to hear the same things albeit from someone else; this class is invaluable. This was a great RMI team to climb with and all did an excellent job, they rocked it!
John B.

The organization and plan - the itinerary, in other words. It is so well thought out - it made for the highest possibility of success on the mountain. I also really enjoyed interacting with our other team members and guides.
Francis D.

Great trip with great guides
Richard K.

The entire experience was awesome, but a few things that stand out are the professional and friendly guides, meeting great people, being able to sleep in the tents one night at Camp Muir, and obviously making the summit even though the weather wasn't great.
Tami P.

It's hard to identify one thing! The amazing scenery, the camaraderie, the sense of accomplishment, the awesome guides.
Christina J.

The guides were incredible and completely made the whole trip worth it. They actively engaged with us and made the connection right off the bat, which helped the trust factor on the climb.
Julienne C.

Other than the climb itself, my favorite thing about the trip was the guides. Mike, Bridget, and Bryan are very safety-conscious, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They worked hard to ensure we had an amazing experience. I would gladly climb with them again.
Joshua F.

The preparation, itinerary, and communication was very thorough. I felt comfortable from the start of the climb to the very end.
Jacob K.

Our guides could not have been better - professional, informative, fun, great in all dimensions.
Michael G.

What started out as a quiet group turned into a very cohesive positive group. Once we were on the mountains we all just meshed. Made some friends for life. The views and people made it all worth it. Even though I didn't summit, my consolation prize was the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen in my life. The practice day hike out to Ingraham Flats was by far the highlight for me. (It was the only time I didn't feel sick or hurt)
Melanie A.

I enjoyed the program, and will plan on a similar trip in 2018 with RMI.
Ino R.

The summit day! Honestly the whole thing. Climbing up the cleaver in the dark, Sid continuously offered suggestions for where to place my feet or alternative routes up around the rocks. It kept me focused and relaxed. Throughout the entire day, Sid and Joe were constantly engaging with me (and all of us), offering tips for getting up tough spots and reminding us to breathe. Everyone was super upbeat and it made the whole experience really incredible. I learned a few new ways to get up and around steps that are typically a little tall for my short legs, and how to carry/use my ice axe depending on the terrain. I was learning all the way up and down and felt very encouraged by the guides.
Marina D.

Training and emphasis on safety and techniques for success. emphasis on safety with room for fun
Ted R.

The people and the challenging environment. Also the weather :-) - we lucked out.
Maureen H.

It was a true adventure with obvious risk but the risk was always managed well.
Mike G.

The guides were great, knowledgeable, professional, personable, helpful, encouraging, firm when needed, and kept the mood light when appropriate.
David C.

I plan on repeating this trip as well as trying some of rmi's other trips!
Armaan D.

All of the friendships I gained and the level of professionalism amongst our guides. Also the accomodations at base camp were surpurb.All the employees were excellent and provided awesome service to us climbers.
Darren S.

I enjoyed learning and the challenge of working toward the top.
Christopher K.

Being able to go from no climbing experience to making it to the summit shows how effective the guides and the program itself are at teaching and guiding. I would recommend this climb to any other aspiring mountaineer as a great first climb.
Casey G.

RMI exceeded all my expectations. I cannot describe how much I enjoyed the trip and what a well run operation RMI has put together. I would not hesitate to recommend RMI to family or friends and I would definitely climb with RMI again. Outstanding job RMI! Please keep up the good work.
James K.

Everything was great! The whole experience was top notch. RMI's excellent reputation is well deserved. Thank you for making my Mt. Rainier trip an excellent experience.
John C.

The camaraderie was nice, and the environment was good.
Greg G.

Successful climb along with outstanding stories from Seth and the support from Caleb to both summit and make it down safely.
Eric G.

I will make it a point to send you more customers. There were other guiding services on the mountain and I could see, first hand, that RMI really paid attention to the details that made my experience enjoyable and successful and that the other services were not providing. I am a huge fan of RMI after my climb.
David G.

I enjoyed the whole thing, I found the guides to be great people who were friendly and easy to get along with while at the same time authoritative when they needed to be. Everyone seemed to have a great time, Including my father who had to turn around early in the climb. It was a top notch experience and I will be recommending RMI to any and all who show interest in climbing Rainier or any adventure you guys provide!
Matt B.

The guides and the rest of the climbers. I thought we had a really strong team, and while not everyone made it to the summit, we all had a great time along the journey. The staff and guides were very professional and a joy to work with. I've spent many years working in the hospitality and camping industry, and the guide were some of the hardest working and most hospitable people I've encountered.
Charles R.

Thank you... It sounds overly dramatic, but the entire experience, albeit brutal at times, was unforgettable. I loved it.
Jed L.

The experience was amazing and the trip was very well run.
Kevin R.

I enjoyed just about everything about the trip except for the bunkhouse! It was just very difficult to sleep in that environment for me. I would have rather been climbing in rain and 50 mile an hour winds that listening to guys snoring all night long. Just something I need to get better at. The skills days were great as was all of the climbing. I thought the structure of the program was awesome and it prepared me for a successful summit!
Karl F.

I enjoyed the opportunity to climb a mountain with trained experts who's main focus was on safety and not summiting. I also enjoyed the views and staying in a tent at Camp Muir for two nights.
MaLeah H.

I thought the tent at Camp Muir was fun
Ted H.

Drinking with guides in Ashford after the trip
Brian W.

meeting the other summit hopefuls. Your team is amazing!
Mary C.

Drinks with the team and guides after we returned to Ashford.
Crystal L.

Just being on the mountain with experts was the most enjoyable part of the trip
Thomas M.

I enjoyed the beautiful views and the beauty of the glaciers:)
Trudi S.

Pushing myself to the max without passing the limit of safety and ignoring the obligation I have as an individual to team and guides. In short climbing allows me the opportunity to develop good decision making!
Russ F.

The guides! they were such joys.
Emily N.

Steve N.

Professionalism of guides
Barbara B.

Although I didn't summit, the overall experience of planning, exercising, and getting to walk the mountain was incredible! Acphysicsl, emotional, mental and spiritual challenge. Meeting the people and the strength of the guides, was truly inspirational. I'm gonna attempt it again.
Mark E.

The climb down Dis Cleaver with Katrina, such awesome scenery on that part of the mountain!
Matt S.

The challenge... especially for an older guy that has never done this sort of thing before.
George V.

Everything. Especially loved the day climb out to the flats.
Allison S.

The whole experience. Summiting was the goal but it was all the great people experiences and sights along the way that made it for me. So many good people I met along the way and the new friends I made are some of the things I value the most from the whole experience.
Greg W.

Guides' personalities and care.
William M.

The people - guides and fellow climbers - and the incredible views. I was also thrilled that we got to do a sunset climb. I was extremely rested during the climb and in a great mood. Fantastic last-minute change of schedule.
Stefania Palmyra G.

The Summit climb.
Douglas J.

Being in the mountains. The professionalism and care that RMI puts into each trip. With dozens, if not hundreds of climbs RMI holds each year, the guides make each one a unique experience and they ALL never show that they've grown weary of doing the same route over and over. They should be commended, but then again, I don't think RMI would keep anyone on staff who didn't want to be climbing in the first place. From a client point of view, I appreciate the attention to detail and the personal touch each guide brings to the table.
Ted C.

Great Trip, Guides are top notch, positive, helpful, personable, and capable. Solveig, James, and Pepper were a pleasure. They worked hard and long but always had a smile and were eager to help out in any way to make the trip enjoyable. Will return next year to finish climb of Rainier and will request the same guides. The fellow climbers were also great. They all had a great attitude contributed to making the trip fun.
Paul B.

I enjoyed the facilities at Base Camp, the bunkhouse and the Guides.
Tim H.

Pushed my limits. Got beyond level of comfort, but at no time felt unsafe. Guides provided excellent support and advice.
Robert S.

I enjoyed the challenge, but most of all I enjoyed the people. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable and the group of people I got to climb with were great. I had an absolute blast and I'm looking forward to returning in the future.
Jessica S.

I learned some important skills that will apply to all of my future hiking/mountaineering. I also met some very cool people. And the scenery/wildflowers were second to none.
Colleen T.

The nature and (sad to say) the physical exertion. (When younger, I would have ran up the entire mountain.)
Steve R.

Interacting and learning with the guides was the best part. The Rainier Base Camp also provided a great atmosphere.
Doug S.

Dale H.

Our climbing team - what wonderful human beings!
Matthew P.

Summit day
Jason L.

Wonderful trip due to a number of factors: great guides, helpful office and rental staff, unrivaled weather. The latter can't be controlled, of course, but it sure helped to make it memorable.
Michael B.

I felt like everyone knew what they were doing and were committed to my success.
Alberto P.

Challenge,Learning curveEnvironmentGroup
Katrin L.

The RMI guides make sure that you are doing things the right and safe way.
Rick H.

The whole complex in Ashford was excellent and very convenient. Having lodging, equipment rental,the grill and the store all together was great. The lodging and food was reasonably priced. The guided did a great job in preparing and getting us to the summit.
Todd P.

I initially picked RMI because I expected to get the best guides around, but what I received was, well.......way better than I could ever expect. Walter,Alex, and Andrew were all excellent in every way. The way they kept the team working as one and in the highest spirits was a lesson not to be forgotten. This trip was more fun and challenging than I had hoped. I wouldn't change a thing
Matt F.

RMI guides are first-rate. They are well-trained, in good physical shape, good instructors, focused on safety, professional and friendly.
Brian T.

The guides. Walter Hailes, Alex Barber, and Andrew Keifer couldn't have been better!
Mark P.

Very organized and informative. You can tell from the get go that there is an affinity for Mt Rainier and a level of experience that gives you a great shot at a very successful climb. The affiliation with Whittaker was helpful in getting accomodations, breakfast and necessary equipment. The information on training was helpful to keep me on track and was clear that I needed to be in very good condition.I also think the training day is a good idea. The activities are pretty basic, but it gets everyone moving after travel days and refreshes skills you don't use every day.
Tom O.

The outdoor beauty of the area was an obvious high point for this trip, but RMI's respect for the environment and knowledge of the mountain was equally important to my overall experience.
Marci P.

The guides stories and their teachings. Interaction with the crew and the climb itself (so pretty much everything!) RMI had a great group of guides and their organization is incredible, very much on top of things every single step of the way.
Diane H.

There are so many aspects on this trip that I enjoyed. From the hard skills of mountaineering to pushing my comfort level.As an Outward Bound instructor in the past, I could take various classes/skills from other organizations and gain the same knowledge. What really stands out to me about RMI is the professionalism that the guides display that allows a participant to feel safe/comfortable to challenge oneself. I can honestly say that I could NOT go any other organization and feel the same way.
Jill D.

The overall experience was great. We got time to ourselfs to enjoy the mountain but also got the knowledge in the short amount of time to successfully summit the mountain.
Derek C.

How the guides pushed through adversity
Matthew K.

I enjoyed learning new skills from the leaders and using all the knowledge and equipment to complete the summit. While I enjoyed completing the actual summit, I think the process of getting there was more enjoyable. The main leaders (Tyler and Mike) were outstanding and I trusted them in all aspects. Tyler's experience and leadership made the trip an enjoyable success. I would say the actual summit difficultly was harder than I expected due to the altitude. I think the focus on safety also made the trip enjoyable.
Bill W.

The whole experience, from end to end, was incredible. The balance of professionalism and humor in the guide teams was probably the single most important thing overall. When it came down to brass tacks (and one minor medical emergency on the descent) they were incredibly professional, while at the same time were just a great bunch of people to spend time with.
Paul B.

The guides provided good information to use for training and also for future climbs. It was good to get to talk with them and gain knowledge from their experiences.
Jason W.

Everything! Great group. Weather challenges and beautiful weather. Learned a lot. Continuing to improve. Will be back next summer to summit!
Kelly O.

I liked having a day of rest before the climb and the flexibility of Seth in allowing me to sleep in the tent when everyone else slept in the hut. Getting a good night sleep in the tent helped contribute to my successful summit. Seeing the summit on sunrise was worth the early alpine start.
Jonathan F.

An excellent guide team that allowed for a smart, safe and enjoyable adventure. The weather was perfect and allowed us to enjoy the full beauty of the mountain. It will be a trip that I will always remember
Jeff N.

Honesty, commitment to safety, dynamism of guides, atmosphere at RMI basecamp
Scott E.

All three guides worked well together and would love to climb with them anytime in the future.
Paul H.

Top notch guides!
Ted C.

The opportunity to bond with fellow climbers and our guides as a cohesive team. Also, the way out guides and others cared for an injured climber was extraordinary, and a testament to RMI's values.
Tyler K.

The whole experience was awesome... even though I did not summit, it was an amazing time!
Matthew S.

Everything was put together extremely well.
Bryan J.

The group dynamics worked unexpectedly well; it is rare to get 9 people of very diverse ages gelling well. The guides are always a treat to be around.
Vivian M.

The guides were kind and courteous and a pleasure to talk with.
Douglas A.

Wonderful guides, always felt safe.
Joel W.

This is my second trip with RMI and all the guides on each have been fantastic. Will do it again.
Dan L.

The humor, experience, and scientific based expertise of the guides when it came to food, water, and climbing techniques.
Curtis S.

I always enjoy spending time in the mountains... and the experience with RMI did nothing to diminish that!
Steve L.

Great team esprit d'ecorps! We all supported each other.
Peter T.

Learning opportunities like snow school day, learning about packing, eating, breathing, etc. Down time at Miur, tackling rocky terrain, working with a team. Friendly guides and climbers
Molly M.

The chance to take on a challenge I would never have approached without the likes of Solveig and company.
David W.

I ENJOYED how clean the hostile was, Thank you! Everyone at RMI was helpful Food was great Guides were awesome
Joshua R.

Cannot wait until next year! Great job.
Rick S.

I had an absolute blast on our trip.
Josh Z.

Camaraderie with the team and guides. The views, the snow school experiences, and the feeling of summiting and meeting goals.
Sanket A.

Spending time on the mountain with my son and his buddies.
Jerry Z.

Climbing with my Freinds and the beautiful mnt.
Larry R.

The people who I climbed with and the guides who led us.
Scott P.

One of the greatest experiences of my life. RMI guides helped to compliment that rather than potentially diminish the experience.
Bob L.

The overall experience and being in the midst of some of the greats of mountaineering was super cool. Such history at Whittakers and I couldn't have asked for more...except maybe to reach the Summit, but that was my own damn fault!! I will be back to take care of unfinished business.
Kimberly W.

Being able to finish!!
Billy R.

Learning from the staff the key elements involved in safe climbing. I enjoyed Garrett's academic conversations on a number of topics relevant to mountaineering.
Jack D.

The guides were very friendly and nice,did not feel like commercial outfit.
Robert A.

I enjoyed the process of learning a little bit about the art and science of climbing somewhat difficult mountains. Summiting was amazing and it's something that I shall carry with me the rest of my life.
Roy D.

We were fortunate enough to have excellent weather and beautiful views. Besides having a great adventure, we learned a great deal about basic mountaineering.
Scott S.

Reaching the summit and spending time with my dad and a great team; this has become and will always remain a memorable and special experience in my life.
Stephen S.

The guides were the best. They made me feel totally comfortable and made my trip great.
Jody C.

I enjoyed finally getting to the summit of Mount Rainier. I first tried on an independent climb in 2005 and chose not to go higher than Camp Muir. Thanks you RMI for helping me achieve the dream of standing on top of Mount Rainier!
Ben B.

Like the way one summits a mountain, step by step, RMI gained my confidence as an organization that would do all it could to help me up Rainier if I could hold up my end of the bargain by being in great physical condition and being equipped with a great attitude. In many small (and some big) ways, RMI kept my confidence: the thorough equipment list, the excellent meal plan, the helpful rental shop, the awesome guides, John Colvert's 16-week training program, email bulletins about every aspect of climbing. Great work people!
Matt L.

People matter most, so while I enjoyed the beauty Mountain and the personal challenge of the climb I know that the whole climb could have gone very differently given different guides and climbing partners. I have to say I most enjoyed building relationships with the other climbers and overcoming a great challenge together...shared trial and triumph.
Chad D.

I enjoyed every moment. there wasn't anything i would of asked of or wished had been altered
Matthew C.

standing at the top of Mt Rainier
Afshin M.

Besides successfully climbing Mt Rainier the guides were awesome inspiring friendly and helpful. Your guides are what makes climbing with you great. Before I came to climb everyone told me RMI was the best. Now I know why and will be telling everyone I meet.
Lars S.

The new friendship with the guides and other climbers. The experience of being on the mountain. Making it to the top on my first attempt.
Kyle C.

I really enjoyed being on the mountain and spending the time there. The RMI experience was great.
Mark E.

Being on the mountain. Great guides and team members.
Corbin K.

The mountain and the excellent guide team were were lucky to have had assigned to us.
John G.

interacting with new people
Jarrod F.

the adventure, great group of guides and people
Steve F.

RMI is an incredible service with outstanding guides and staff providing all the services necessary to put together the complex logistics with these multi-day climbs. It is a thoroughly tough, enjoyable and intense learning experience. I'd opt to go with RMI again in a heartbeat! Thank you!
Benjamin C.

Mountain views
Lee S.

The guides and the mountain.
David S.

The climb to Camp Muir
Sam S.

Mark will find this funny, but I enjoyed climbing the most. Although I didn't make it to the summit I came to climb and embraced every chance I could to be out of the hut and climbing or watching the climbs. I could feel my confidence growing and just wish I had more days on the mountain.I've already reached out to a local guide based on Lindsays recommendation and plan on continuing to grow my experience and comfort with exposure. My son has already asked when we will climb Mt. Marcy and I'll be in the Gunks before the summer is out.I really appreciate Mark understanding the situation I found myself in. One item I didn't mention to Mark is that after the accident I had received a text from a friend reminding me that he had already lost another friend on the same route on a RMI trip - Patrick Nestler - 1998. I didn't want to mention this at the time but I know that Mark could tell I had some heavy thoughts going through my mind. Patrick died descending the DC, which I was calling my demon. I didn't want to cast any more of a shadow on the mountain than had already been cast. I was hopeful that I would be able to face the DC.I know I made the right choice for my trip and I will be back.
Daniel K.

The challenge and the mountain.
Carmela d.

The experience, the beautiful mountain scenery from Muir and the comraderie with our surprisingly tight group.
Scott E.

The views
Andy B.

Friendships with guides and other climbers
Robert J.

Camaraderie. Between the guides and the climbers, the trip was such a success because of all the individuals.
Andrew P.

summitting is hard to beat
Nick S.

The guides made us feel safe even during the tougher parts of the climb.
Jeremiah H.

Learning new skills and the challenge of the climb.
Bill Y.

Max d.

Great people (both guides and customers", sunrise almost on the summit of Mt. Rainier.
Stephan Z.

Getting to know the guides, especially Tyler Jones. Also seeing the view from Muir and the summit.
Josh D.

I enjoyed meeting amazing people & hearing all their adventures & the "personal" reasons why they were there. It never ceases to amaze me. The laughter, camaderie, and lessons were the most I valued from this trip. It has certainly inspired me to go home & try new things.
Lourdes G.

The experience was excellent. I love the feeling I get in the mountains. Summit or not, the best part is the journey.
Randy S.

I really enjoyed the night we spent in tents instead of in the shelter. That was an incredibly unique experience and one I am unlikely to be able to repeat.
Rebecca S.

I enjoyed the mountain and meeting others.
Justin L.

Our guides - Billy and Nick. They made it a positive experience despite horrible weather that kept us from reaching Muir. They stayed positive throughout and made sure we had our layers working to keep us as dry and warm as possible in the weather we faced. Both are excellent teachers and clearly enjoy sharing their knowledge and love of the mountain. I would jump at the opportunity to climb with either of them again.
Marc O.

The day when we actually got to go on the mountain. Too bad we didn't get to go further, but it's not RMI's fault that the weather was poor. I also enjoyed just talking about mountaineering experiences with the other team members and with the guides.
Marlaina R.

Team synergy and guides effort to make the trip fun even though weather was not cooperating.
Fatima W.

I truly enjoyed every day. I learned a lot and had fun even when the weather was nasty.
Ewa B.

I think what I enjoyed most and what also most surprised me with this experience was the group of fellow climbers and guides that I had the luxury to spend a few days with on the mountain. The training school, climbing, scenic views, cold, food, weather etc. were as I was expecting after months of researching the trip but the quality of individuals that I would be sharing those experiences with was completely unexpected yet made the whole trip.
Joshua T.

Confidence it gave me to pursue future climbing trips.
Mark R.

Being around the people, hanging out at Muir, being on the mountain. Great views. Taking on a challenge.
Dan D.

Meeting all the inspiring guides and fellow climbers, standing on top of Rainier was great too!
Jamie S.

Solid physical and emotional challenge that I could share with my brother, son, and nephews.
Scott S.

Jeff S.

It was probably the most exciting adventure I have ever taken. I was truly a challenge and the work I put in paid off with the summit day experience.
David S.

The guys, being on the mountain, learning more about my limits.
Stephen E.

The sense of accomplishment from reaching the summit!
Ryan S.

the challenge, hearing guides stories
George M.

The challenge of Mt. Rainier and challenging myself to the maximum. It was a great, fun experience. It was great learning the necessary mountaineering techniques.
Terry M.

Starting dark and early on summit day and reaching the summit right before sunrise.
Clark B.

Learning and using the technical skills
Jason B.

Unique challenge and comradery.
Rich M.

I enjoyed everything about the trip. The guides did a great job of making everyone in the group feel comfortable without compromising safety. The trip was excellent.
Katherine K.

The outdoor experience on the mountain was exhilarating to me. Of course, we had excellent weather which was a big factor. We were given an opportunity to descend into a crevasse which was a thrill for me.
Jesse C.

The trip was very enjoyable. The climbing and training were both very good and the guides were excellent!!
Jim K.

Spending five days with my daughter in the the beautiful environment around Ranier.
Nick B.

I really enjoyed everything about my trip.. There isn't one thing in particular that stands out. Of course standing on the summit was an incredible feeling, but the entire experience was pretty life changing. From the check in process, to the helpfulness of all of the support staff, to the people in the outfitter's store, everyone in Ashford was great. The caf staff were all SO friendly and nice, every time we went in there! The professionalism and skill of the guides was really awesome, and I wouldn't want to go with another company anywhere else. The guides on my trip all showed really precise attention to detail when it came to training, safety, and keeping an eye on the group, all while completely rocking it out from a customer service sand point. For me, having the opportunity to climb with my Dad, and RMI guides, made my experience!
Jennifer B.

All of it.
Nick P.

Climbing, sunrise at High Break, and standing on Columbia Crest on a blue sky day!
Mark B.

Doing something we had never done. The time with my daughter,the accomplisment
John M.

I really like learning. I learned a lot of mountain skills (followed by copious amounts of practice very shortly thereafter). I love learning about the mountain (history, what the different environments are, how the routes were developed, etc.). Mostly, I also enjoy learning about the personal stories of the guides (how they came to this job/lifestyle, what their passions are, etc.).
George F.

My first thought is that I loved everything about the trip. After more reflection (or perhaps some olfactory reminiscence of the Muir facilities...or my enduring fear of the blue bag), the human factor stands out to me as the most important part, specifically the guides. The mountain, the thrill of roping up, the crunch of crampons on ice--these things would have been memorable regardless, but Eric, Lindsey, and Chase made the experience extraordinary.
Jeremy D.

The summit and going into a crevasse
Ryan B.

Marveling at the talent of the guides, and the ease in which they do highly skilled activities. The mountain was AWESOME! I really appreciated how organized and regimented everything was. I appreciate everyone sticking to a scheadule and following through. I liked that a realistice expectation was established and completed.
Paul T.

The sense of accomplishment from reaching the Summit with friends with whom I had trained.
Paul K.

I truly enjoy all aspects of the trip. i was able to get to know the guides much better this time as well as the other climbers. i have some new friends and hopefully will make some other climbs in the future with RMI.
Chuck H.

The team, the guides, and although it was a challenge, everyone made it so fun
Collette B.

There were two things that I think can't "best" each other, so I'll just mention them both. The experience and the people. The obvious beauty of Rainier is unique and it's something to behold. The experience of roped travel, crossing glaciers, the freezing cold, eating junk food because it's the responsible thing to do, all of these are experiences I'll cherish. Finally, you can do the aforementioned and it would be worth the expense and the effort. But if you share the experience with people like Linden, Katie, Mike, and Katrina--that just makes it all the more rewarding and memorable. It's not an exaggeration to say that the people are what made the climb the unmitigated success that it was. And we didn't even make the summit!
Ted S.

The experience of of the trip, what I saw, felt, and experienced.
Alex L.

All of the relationships I built along the way -- with the guides and with my fellow climbers.
Jeff G.

The guides, the mountain, the team, the knowledge gained.
Laura G.

My favorite part of the trip was getting to spend time on such an incredible mountain. I also enjoyed learning some of the skills and techniques I've been reading about for years. Of course, meeting the other people on the team and the guides was great, too.
Leigh S.

The people. Your guides made the trip far more than just a climb. It was a tremendous learning experience that will stay with me throughout my mountaineering career.
Nick G.

Thoroughly enjoyed it start to finish, even the hellish parts. If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would have to be descending from the summit when my head cleared and I realized I'd be heading home to see my cats and my girlfriend.
Whitey F.

Not a fair question. To narrow it down, let's say my favorite part was Monday through Friday.
Josh S.

It was probably the sense of accomplishment at the end. I knew it was going to be tough, but I didn't know it was going to be THAT tough. That said, RMI did a great job of helping me prepare by suggesting workout regimens leading up to our climb, food, rental gear, etc. Had RMI been an organization that just says, "Show up and we'll take you to the top" I know I would not have been as well prepared and may not even have made it up.
Scott G.

Although it was one of the harder times on the mountain, it ended up being one of the most enjoyable. On Monday as we were climbing up to camp Muir, we ended up getting caught in an ice storm. The wind and ice made it very hard to continue to climb, but the guides were right there to motivate us to keep going. At one point, one of our fellow climbers became to cold to move. She ended up having to be carried up to camp Muir by several guides. When she got to camp she was completely covered in ice and wasn't moving or talking. As soon as the guides got her in, they immediately went to work to warm her up. It was amazing to see how fast they got to work and all knew exactly what to do. They eventually got her warmed back up and everything ended up okay. But just seeing how fast the guides worked and how well they worked together, I knew right away that we were all in good hands. Without the guides help and support, that day could have ended up very differently.
Chad B.

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Travel Consultant

RMI has partnered with Erin Rountree to provide comprehensive travel support. We have been working with Erin for many years. As an independent agent of the Travel Society, she has booked countless miles for adventure travelers across the globe and is extremely knowledgeable about the travel needs of our programs. Please call (208) 788-2870 or send email to [email protected].

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend travel insurance for this trip. Your travel insurance policy should include trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage loss or delay, medical expenses, and evacuation.

Navigating through the different options for travel insurance can be challenging. When purchasing Travel Insurance, here are a few items to consider:

  • Read the fine print. Travel Insurance will reimburse you when canceling for a covered reason for prepaid, non-refundable trip costs that you insure. However, there are exclusions, so make sure you understand the "covered reasons."
  • Confirm that your activity is a covered "activity." Not all travel insurance policies will offer coverage for activities such as mountaineering, climbing, skiing, or trekking adventures. Policies can also exclude coverage for activities due to the gear used (crampons, ice axe), activities that go above specific elevations, or activities in a particular region of the world. If there are exclusions, you may need to add an "Adventure" or "Sports" package to cover your activity.
  • Verify that your state of residence is allowed with the policy that you are purchasing. Not all insurance companies offer policies in all 50 states.
  • Contact your travel protection company directly for any questions you have regarding benefits or coverage.

We have partnered with Travelex Insurance and Harbor Travel Insurance because they offer certain policies specifically designed for adventure travel and offer coverage for remote areas and activities like mountaineering, climbing, skiing, and trekking without any altitude restrictions. 



For your convenience, we offer Travelex Insurance Services, Inc.(CA Agency License #0D10209) travel protection plans to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. 


For more information on the available plans, visit Travelex Insurance Services or contact Travelex Insurance (800) 228-9792 and reference location number 47-0370. 

The product descriptions provided here are only brief summaries. The full coverage terms and details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the insurance policy. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company; NAIC #22276.


Harbor Insurance 





Harbor Travel Insurance covers the following critical benefits:

  • Evacuation to a nearest appropriate hospital once hospitalized.
  • Trip cancellation/interruption, primary medical expense coverage, sporting goods, baggage loss, emergency dental, AD&D, and more.
  • Completely integrated one-stop program with a single contact for emergency services to travel assistance and insurance claims
  • 24/7 access to paramedics, nurses, and military veterans.

Harbor Travel Insurance is powered by Redpoint Resolutions, a medical and travel security risk company. Their team is comprised of special operations veterans, paramedics, Stanford Medicine affiliated physicians, former intelligence officers, insurance actuaries, and global security experts with dozens of years of experience in theaters around the world. The Redpoint network covers the globe, making them uniquely equipped to provide elite rescue travel insurance – in every sense of the word.

Getting There

Rainier BaseCamp is located in Ashford, WA, and is the home of RMI Expeditions, Whittaker Mountaineering, Whittaker's Bunkhouse, and BaseCamp Bar and Grill. Ashford is located 75 miles from the Sea-Tac Airport, and most climbers traveling to Ashford will want to rent a car. This is the most convenient and reliable way to get here.

Ride Share: If you are interested in sharing a ride, please go to your RMI Account, then to "Discussion Board" and "Ride Share" to post your information.

Seattle Airport Car Service
Phone: 206-375-4000
Email: [email protected]


All our Mt. Rainier programs begin at Rainier BaseCamp in Ashford. All Mt. Rainier climbs, seminars and schools include transportation for our climbers from Rainier BaseCamp to Paradise or to the White River Entrance.

You do not need to have a timed entry reservation if you are using RMI’s provided transportation.

If you are driving your own vehicle into Mount Rainier National Park, you will need to make a reservation for entry. Timed Entry Reservations - Mount Rainier National Park.

Ashford Area Accommodations

The Hideaway Tiny House
The Overlook
Whittaker's Motel and Historic Bunkhouse | 360-569-2439
Nisqually Lodge | 360-569-8804
Alexander's Lodge | 360-569-2300
Wellspring Spa & Cabins | 360-569-2514
Guest Services Inc: (Paradise Inn and National Park Inn) | 253-569-2275
Mt. Rainier Visitor Association | 360-569-0910

You may also go to VisitRainier.com to search for accommodations in the Ashford Area.


For updated Mt. Rainier weather forecasts, click here.

Please click on the links below to see the Mt. Rainier webcams:


Our guides work hard to ensure your well-being and success on the mountain. If you have a positive experience, gratuities are an excellent way to show your appreciation. Amounts are at your discretion and should be based on your level of enjoyment. Tips for excellent service normally average 10 - 15% of the cost of the program. If you would rather not bring the guide gratuity with you on the trip, you can send a check or call the RMI office to pay with a credit card upon your return.


Mt Rainier became the nation's fifth National Park in 1899, some twenty-nine years after it was first climbed. Mt. Rainier National Park encompasses 235,625 acres and is 97% wilderness and 3% National Historic Landmark District. At 14,410', Mt. Rainier is the most prominent peak in the Cascade Range. It is a dormant volcano that last erupted approximately 150 years ago.

Guided mountaineering activity has taken place since the late 1800s, and The Mountain is still considered a prime training ground for climbing in Alaska, South America, and the Himalayas.  With more than 20 active glaciers encompassing some 36 square miles of ice, Rainier boasts the largest ice cover of any peak in the lower 48 United States.  Its weather can be deceptively gentle or as fierce as encountered on any high mountain anywhere in the world.  There is a wealth of information on the Mt. Rainier National Park website. We encourage you to enhance your enjoyment of the climb with some fun facts about the Park and the history of climbing there.


General Information on Mt. Rainier National Park (MRNP) - www.nps.gov/mora

The Mountaineers Book - www.mountaineersbooks.org

Gateway Communities & Activities outside Mt. Rainier National Park - www.visitrainier.com

Recommended Reading

The Challenge of Rainier, by Dee Molenaar

Mt. Rainier - A Climbing Guide, by Mike Gauthier

Mt. Rainier: The Story Behind the Scenery, by Ray Snow

National Geographic Trails Illustrated MRNP topo map


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This trip is open to all individuals in excellent physical condition. There are no technical climbing prerequisites to join this program.


Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life And Then Go Climb A Mountain

Create A Fitness And Training Program


Physical Fitness Training

Mountaineering requires a high degree of physical stamina and mental toughness. Even for the healthiest and fittest individuals, climbing mountains qualifies as an extremely challenging endeavor.

  • Start immediately. Start a rigorous fitness and training program now with the goal of arriving in top physical condition and confident in your skills.
  • Be intentional. Focus on gaining the necessary strength, stamina, and skills to meet the physical and technical demands of the climb.
  • Be sport-specific. The best fitness and training program mimics the physical and technical demands of your climbing objective. The closer you get to your program date, the more your training should resemble the climbing.

For the Five-Day Mt. Rainier Climb, you are preparing for:

  • Hiking with a 35-45 lb load
  • Steep climbing and glacier travel with a 20-25 lb load
  • A 10-14+ hour summit day
  • Mountaineering techniques requiring core strength and flexibility

Nothing ensures a personally successful adventure like your level of fitness and training. Bottom line: Plan to be in the best shape of your life and ready for a very challenging adventure!

Below are approximate outlines of the program's physical demands that will be helpful in planning your training schedule and goals:

Total Climbing Time
Elevation Gain / Loss
Total Distance
Pack Weight
DAY 1 - Pre-Trip Orientation in Ashford
DAY 2 - Mountaineering Day School
2 - 2 ½ hours
Round Trip
Gain = 1,000'
Loss = 1,000'
4 miles
Round Trip
20 - 25 lbs
DAY 3 - Hike from Paradise to Muir
4 - 6 hours
Gain = 4,600'
4.5 miles
40 - 45 lbs
DAY 4 - Training day at Muir: the possibility for light activity or a short hike
DAY 5 - Summit attempt and descent to Paradise
8 - 12 hours (summit attempt)
+ 2 ½ hours
(Muir to Paradise)
Gain = 4,400'
Loss = 9,000'
12.5 miles
Round Trip
20 - 25 lbs
40 - 45 lbs

Please refer to our Resources for Mountaineering Fitness and Training for detailed fitness and training information.


Excellent physical conditioning significantly increases your ability to acclimatize. Climbers in excellent physical condition simply have more energy to commit to the acclimatization process throughout the days and nights of the ascent, allowing their bodies to adjust to the altitude more easily.

While the key to climbing high is proper acclimatization, this climb effectively moves up and down the mountain at a rate that exceeds our body's ability to adjust (acclimate) to the high altitude. This is true whether a program spends two or five days on the upper mountain (elevations above 10,000 feet). During our short climb, our bodies simply do not have the time to completely adjust to the altitude, and because of this short stay, our bodies do not typically succumb to altitude's ill effects. In short, climbers generally experience the mild but uncomfortable, yet normal, symptoms of their bodies beginning the adjustment process. While climbers will feel better rested on the slightly longer programs, fitness remains the key factor in a climber's performance.

In addition, physical performance at altitude is often related to how well you have taken care of yourself throughout the hours, days, and weeks prior to summit day. Arriving healthy and well-rested, maintaining proper hydration and caloric intake, and protecting against unnecessary heat loss (staying warm) are usually key factors in an individual's success on a short-term visit to altitude.

Print all Trip Details Print this Page

What You Need to know

A list of required personal equipment accompanies every RMI program, and the thought processes behind each item are much greater than simply “preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.” The list for your program considers factors such as seasonality, route conditions, weather, elevation, and more. As such, this list is framed within the broadest of contexts and is dynamic by its very nature. 

Please follow this equipment list closely so that you will arrive for the gear check with all the required items. If you own the item, or have something you think is similar, bring it with you. If the guide feels it is inadequate, you can rent or purchase the necessary piece from Whittaker Mountaineering. 

The guides’ recommendation on whether to bring along or leave behind specific item(s) comes during the gear check when the team first meets. If a guide deviates from the list, it is for a good reason. Their recommendation may be related to the weather, route conditions, freezing level, etc. Occasionally this recommendation comes at the expense of having previously purchased an item that may not be needed or the need to buy or rent an additional item. 

Ultimately, there will never be a consensus for a “perfect” equipment list for any mountain. It does not exist because of the many variables climbers face throughout the climb. Fine-tuning will occur once you meet with your guides and continue throughout the program. 

  • Whittaker Mountaineering Most of the required equipment is available for rent or purchase from our affiliate Whittaker Mountaineering. RMI climbers receive a 10% discount on new clothing and equipment items ordered from Whittaker Mountaineering.

Shop Your Equipment List // Rent new equipment for your climb

Equipment List


Guide Pick™ is a collaboration between RMI Expeditions and Whittaker Mountaineering. At the end of each season, Whittaker Mountaineering surveys RMI's guides to determine the best mountaineering gear and apparel. They compile the results, reach a consensus, and award the best in each category with a Guide Pick™ label.

This exact item does not need to be purchased or used; however, any item you choose must have characteristics and performance abilities similar to those of the Guide Pick.

Pack & Travel


Your backpack should be large enough to carry all of your personal gear, food, and water. The pack volume you choose depends on your experience and the quality of your gear; if you opt for a smaller pack, practice packing and make sure you can fit all of your gear with room to spare. You will not need a separate summit pack.

Guide Pick™

Sleeping Bag & Pad


We recommend a bag rated between 20° and 0° F. Allow ample room for movement. We recommend down over synthetic for its light weight, warmth, and packability. If climbing in April, May, June, or September, or if you know you sleep cold, consider a 0° F bag.

Guide Pick™

Guide Pick™


Not required for this trip.

Technical Gear

Image of ICE AXE

The length of your axe depends on your height. Use the following general mountaineering formula: up to 5'8", use a 65 cm axe; 5'8" to 6'2", use a 70 cm axe; and taller, use a 75 cm axe. If you hold the axe so that it hangs comfortably at your side, the spike of the axe should still be a few inches above the ground.

Guide Pick™


We recommend a comfortable, adjustable alpine climbing harness. Removable, drop seat, or adjustable leg loops are convenient for managing your clothing layers over the course of the climb and facilitate going to the bathroom. If you rent a harness, a triple-action carabiner is included.

Guide Pick™


Used for clipping into the climbing rope. Harness rentals include this carabiner.

Guide Pick™


10-point or 12-point adjustable steel crampons with anti-balling plates designed for general mountaineering use.

Guide Pick™


Transceivers are worn on the upper mountain during your summit attempt. If you rent a transceiver fresh batteries will be provided.

Guide Pick™


We recommend lightweight and collapsible poles with snow baskets.

Guide Pick™


Image of HELMET

A UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) or CE (European Committee for Standardization) certified climbing helmet.

Guide Pick™

Image of WARM HAT

Wool or synthetic. It should provide warmth but also be thin enough to fit underneath a climbing helmet.

Guide Pick™

Image of BUFF

A Buff provides versitile head and neck protection. A neck gaiter is also acceptable.

Guide Pick™


Start with fresh batteries and bring extra set(s) of batteries appropriate to the duration of the trip.

Guide Pick™


Glacier glasses are protective sunglasses that provide close to 100% frame coverage (wrap-around frames and side shields ensure no light can enter from the top, bottom, and sides of the glasses) and transmit less than 10% of visual light.

Guide Pick™

Image of GOGGLES

Amber or rose-tinted goggles for adverse weather. On windy days, climbers, especially contact lens wearers, may find photochromatic lenses the most versatile in a variety of light conditions.

Guide Pick™


Helpful in keeping blowing dust out of the eyes at night. If you wear prescription glasses, make sure they can fit over.


Each glove layer is worn separately as conditions change during the climb.


Light weight liner or softshell gloves. Lighter colors absorb less sunlight while still offering UV protection.

Guide Pick™


Wind- and water-resistant, insulated mountain gloves.

Guide Pick™


Wind- and water-resistant, insulated gloves or mittens. These also serve as emergency backups if you drop or lose a lighter-weight glove.

Guide Pick™

Upper Body

We recommend a minimum of five upper body layers, all of which can be used in conjunction with each other. Two of these should be insulating layers, one light, and one medium, that fit well together. Today there are many different layering systems to choose from, including fleece, softshell, down, and synthetic options.


Long-sleeve wool or synthetic top. Light weight, light-colored, hooded baselayers (sun hoodys) are highly recommended for sun protection.

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One step up in warmth and bulk from a baselayer. A technical fleece makes an ideal light weight insulating layer.

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A down, synthetic, or softshell hoody makes a great midlayer.

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An uninsulated, waterproof shell jacket with hood.

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Your expedition-style heavy parka must extend below the waist, have an insulated hood, and be able to fit over the rest of your upper body layers. While the parka is worn primarily at rest breaks on summit day, it also serves as an emergency garment if needed. We recommend down rather than synthetic fill.

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We recommend a moisture-wicking, active-wear bra.

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Lower Body

We recommend a system of four layers, all of which can be used in conjunction with each other. Products which combine several layers into one garment, such as traditional ski pants, don’t work well as they don’t offer the versatility of a layering system.


Softshell climbing pants can be worn in combination with a base layer on colder days, or alone on warmer days.

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Non-insulated, waterproof shell pants must be able to fit comfortable over your baselayer bottoms and softshell climbing pants. Full side zippers or 7/8 side zippers are required so that shell pants can be put on while wearing boots and crampons.

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A light weight, synthetic pair of pants is a good option for the approach trek when hiking at lower altitudes and in warm conditions. These pants have no insulation, are typically made of thin nylon, and commonly feature zippers to convert between pants and shorts.

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Boots are one of the most important pieces of mountaineering gear, and bringing the right pair is critical to your safety and success on Mt. Rainier. You will need one pair of boots for this climb, and the type of boot you wear will be dictated by freezing level. If the freezing level is below 10,000 feet, your guide will require the use of double boots. If the freezing level is above 10,000 feet, you may use either single or double boots. We consistently see freezing levels below 10,000 feet in April, May, June, and September, though periods of cold weather are not uncommon in July and August.

If this is your first time climbing, we highly recommend renting boots from our partner company Whittaker Mountaineering. Mountaineering boots do not break in like normal footwear so there is not much advantage in buying them unless you want to see how they feel on your feet before the climb or plan on doing more mountaineering in the future. If you rent, you can switch between single and double boots the day of your climb.


SINGLE BOOTS: Insulated, full-shank, and crampon-compatible leather or synthetic boots designed for mountaineering. Single boots tend to be lighter and more comfortable than double boots at the expense of warmth.

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DOUBLE BOOTS: Insulated double boots designed for mountaineering. Plastic-shelled models are acceptable, though modern synthetic models are lighter and more comfortable.

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We recommend a pair of light running or approach shoes for one to two hours of use on the approach to Camp Muir (after the snow melts, typically by mid-July), and for use as a camp shoe.

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Image of GAITERS

A knee-length pair of gaiters, large enough to fit over your mountaineering boots. This will protect you from catching your crampon spikes on loose clothing. Not needed if using a boot with an integrated gaiter.

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Either wool or synthetic. Whatever sock combination you are accustomed to wearing during your training or previous adventures (whether single medium weight socks, a medium weight with a liner sock, two medium weight socks together, etc.), should work just fine for this climb.

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First Aid & Medications


Our guides carry comprehensive medical kits, so keep yours small and light. We recommend a selection of adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, Moleskin and blister care, medical tape and/or duct tape, basic pain reliever, and personal medications.

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Personal Items


You are responsible for providing your own meals and snack food in town and while on Mt. Rainier. See the Food tab for suggestions and quantities.

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Image of BOWL

Packable plastic bowl. Collapsable models can work but must be handled carefully to avoid unintended collapsing. A lid is a great feature.

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Insulated outdoor-style mug. We recommed a model with a removable lid, which helps retain heat and prevent spills. You may also choose to use 0.5L insulated bottle or a 0.5L nalgene.

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A spoon or spork made of durable plastic or anodized metal. A long-handled spoon can be nice, especially if eating from a freeze-dried meal pouch.

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One-liter water bottles with wide mouths made of co-polyester (BPA-free plastic). No hydration systems as they tend to freeze on the upper mountain and be hard to fill. Cold water for drinking is provided.

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This will be your personal trash bag.

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Heavy-duty trash compacter bags for use as waterproof pack/stuff sack liners. You can also use a a waterproof pack liner.


Include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, and wet wipes. Bring a quantity appropriate to the duration of your trip.


We recommend small tubes of SPF 30 or higher, which can be carried in pockets for easy access and to prevent freezing.

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Image of LIP BALM

We recommend SPF 15 or higher.

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Image of EAR PLUGS


Spare prescription glasses if you wear contact lenses/eyeglasses.


Many smartphones have excellent cameras. Action cameras, small point-and-shoots, and compact dSLRs are lightweight and work well at altitude.

Travel Clothes


We recommend bringing a selection of clothing to wear while traveling, site seeing and dining.  

Pre-Trip Checklist

Purchase travel insurance.

Arrange lodging in Ashford.

Reserve rental equipment.

Arrange transportation to Ashford.

Be in the best shape of your life!

Provided Equipment

RMI provides the following equipment for your program: shelter, climbing ropes, and blue bags (for solid waste disposal).

Every guide on your climb will carry rescue equipment and a first aid kit. Each climb has two-way radios and a cell phone for emergency contact.

Print all Trip Details Print this Page
Print all Trip Details Print this Page
Print all Trip Details Print this Page

What is the Climber-to-Guide Ratio on this program?

Our climber-to-guide ratio is 3:1 on the Disappointment Cleaver and Ingraham Glacier routes.

What is the maximum group size?

The maximum group size of any program anywhere on Mt. Rainier is 12 individuals, including guides.


All our Mt. Rainier programs begin at Rainier BaseCamp in Ashford. All Mt. Rainier climbs, seminars and schools include transportation for our climbers from Rainier BaseCamp to Paradise or to the White River Entrance.

You do not need to have a timed entry reservation if you are using RMI’s provided transportation.

If you are driving your own vehicle into Mount Rainier National Park, you will need to make a reservation for entry. Timed Entry Reservations - Mount Rainier National Park.


Three main categories generally prevent climbers from reaching the summit: weather, route conditions, and individual fitness. 


In an average year, 21% of our climbs do not reach the summit due to weather, route conditions, or both. 
Avalanche hazards, high winds, poor visibility, rain, and snow, can singly or in conjunction with the other elements impact our ability to climb safely. Your guides are charged with managing the risks encountered on the climb and maintaining a reasonable margin of safety. 

If weather conditions reduce our margin of safety to an unacceptable level, we will no longer be able to climb. This may mean we turn around, or we may not even ascend above camp.


On Mt. Rainier, guides work on the route continually throughout the climbing season. Route work involves rerouting to avoid hazards. This can include overhead (icefall and rockfall) and underfoot (crevasses and steep slopes) hazards. As the route becomes more complex and steeper throughout the season, route work can include kicking steps, chopping, shoveling, setting running belays, fixed lines, and ladders. Some changes occur daily on the route and may necessitate a quick fix by your guide team during a climb. A larger reroute may be needed multiple times throughout our season, requiring a guide team to work multiple days to establish a new route. 

Generally speaking, the route is never closed or “out,” and there is usually a way to the top. However, it might not have the appropriate margin of safety needed for our climbers (it might require more advanced mountaineering skills and experience levels).  When this happens, all the guide services on the mountain coordinate resources to establish a new route. Like mountain weather, we manage but can’t control the climbing route, and it is not unheard of for the route to be unclimbable for multiple days. While the route work is being done, we will ascend with our climbers as high as is safely possible and appropriate on the existing route. 


Fitness is the one factor that you have the most control over and has the highest impact on your success, safety, and fun. Mountaineering requires a high degree of physical stamina and mental toughness. Even for the healthiest and fittest individuals, climbing mountains qualifies as an extremely challenging endeavor. The length of the climbing route dictates the required fitness for the climb. We do not have fast or slow rope teams – our teams move at a steady pace determined by the duration and complexity of the given route. 

Climbers have control over their ability to affect their mental fortitude to some extent and their fitness to a very large extent. Therefore, you can maximize your chances of a successful summit climb by focusing on individual fitness. Over 50 years of guiding climbers on Mt. Rainier has shown us that the following factors have the largest influence on a climber’s ability to reach the summit. 

Age: We can’t control it; we get older every year. Simply put, the older you are, the more fit you need to be. Our max heart rate decreases as we age, leaving us with a smaller heart rate reserve. Hard efforts feel harder, and we can’t sustain the same intensity efforts for as long. Focusing on your fitness regime is the best way to compensate.

Body Mass Index (BMI): Your BMI is not as significant as your age and is not the best representation of fitness. However, if we use BMI as a corollary for whether an individual is at a healthy weight, slightly overweight, or significantly overweight, then BMI data shows that climbers with a BMI in the normal range (18.5 - 24.9) will have a better chance of reaching the summit than climbers with a higher BMI.

Aerobic Threshold: Our aerobic threshold is the level of intensity (or heart rate) at which your metabolism switches from a sustainable level of effort in which your muscles can replenish their energy stores at the same rate they burn them to one in which they are burning more than they can replenish. Beyond this intensity, our performance is necessarily time limited. Performance in endurance sports is highly reliant on Aerobic Threshold. Your Aerobic Threshold can be changed significantly with training.

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